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3 years ago if you asked me and some of you already did:

Why don't you open in Dubai Mall?


My answer was: I would never open in Dubai Mall for the below reasons:

A- I would like to keep the organic and raw form of my store, be it a warehouse in an industrial area. It's a destination.

B- I didn't want it to be your typical sneaker store, the commercial flashing aspect of the city.

C- Pricing, since we are a consignment and resale store I wanted to keep our selling price fair compared to our cost structure. If you want to know more about our pricing strategy you can check our blog post.


3 years later, here we are


I didn't change my mind, I still believe in the same but we had to adapt the business after 3 years, it's our bread and butter after all and here is why without going into a lot of details:


  1. In 2017 we were the only ones doing consignment and the first resale store in the region. Our branch in al Quoz was a destination store for all Streetwear lovers. Fast forward to 2022, I can count more than 10 Consignment/resale shops in the main areas of the city "Of Dubai". This is a validation that the market is there and it's big for everyone but being the first to do this is no longer enough, therefore we had to scale. We didn't start the business in a commercial area, We built this from the ground up, We scaled the operation: From the Trunk, to the apartment, to a website, to a pop-up in Sole DXB 2017, to a small stand in a business center, to a small warehouse in al quoz and the rest is history. 
  2. I believe in experiential retail, and we managed to stay true to our organic and raw Brand ID while opening the biggest mall in the region. If you haven't seen the store yet, make sure to pass by and see our inverted basketball court, and our Vitrine Display of things we were never supposed to have in our region.


Now, what happens next? The answer is simple, I never thought we would get here anyway but here you go, we just kept pushing and doing what we love to do, minding our business, surrounding ourselves with a strong team, one unit, and a strong community of consignors and customers.


With Sole making a strong comeback this year, our commitment to the sneaker swap area is the same with better presence and operation in place.


A lot of questions to be answered, and a lot of work to be done. We will let our work do the talk.

Kanye said it best: "Flex I do Work, Six I am like Mike" and so it went down in the DM.

Our Store is now open at The Dubai Mall Level 2, right next to Reel Cinemas opposite the VR Park.

Make sure to review us here once you check the store: 



Contact: 043433989


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