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You spoke We listened, the new model is built for you to collect your payment faster. Now every Thursday is a payday at youbetterfly whether your item was sold on Friday or Wednesday of that same week. This will be applied as of Jan 2020 on all consignment agreements. 

Since our consignment and operation scale is bigger now, we thought it's better to prepare the payments 4 times a month instead of 2 times. This will allow the consignors to get their payments faster so that they can drop more stuff, faster :)!

Mode of payment will be cheques, bank transfers or cash (depending on availability) and all consignors will be contacted to pass by for collection in AL QUOZ only anytime after 12:00 pm up until closing. 

Our seller portal will be going live soon as well, so you can keep track of your inventory and payment status with us. We will cover it in and its features in a separate blog post. 

Please check our consignment terms. 

Genuine and we act on it. 

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Saqer alqassimi
Saqer alqassimi
Sunday 03rd May 2020

Please contact me as my item was sold a long time ago but haven’t collected the cash yet, id want to share my bank details so you huys could transfer the money / 0568888780 . Thank you ..

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