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Written by Jon, Philippines. 

I loved sports since I was young. It all started when my dad bought me a VHS copy of the movie of the legendary basketball player and hall of famer, MICHAEL JORDAN, "Space Jam". At a young age, I was determined to learn how to play basketball although it was not easy for me to play giving I suffered from Asthma, my passion was never hindered.

I was a kid who loves to play basketball wherever the location. Even though I couldn't afford the right footwear/sneakers, this did not stop me and I even played with flip flops at times.

My spirit was always positive, Whenever I lose I do not take it negatively and my mindset was to always get stronger. Basketball was my daily exercise. I dreamed to be one of the best basketball players in my country Philippines, so when my dad noticed that I'm getting taller; more than the average  15 year old kid, he decided to enroll me in MILO BEST, a basketball training company that trains kids the basics of basketball. 

A lot of recruits and camps visited from different schools looking for kids with potential to become a basketball varsity player for their schools and I was one of the few that was chosen. I was so happy at that moment since I received full scholarship in school for being part of the varsity team in College while competing in the biggest inter-school league in our country and I was so lucky to be a part of it.

However, my dream came to an end because I was not able to join the big league after college.Philippines had a lot of stronger/talented players.

After that, I realized i have to focus on finishing my studies and find a good career so I went to Saudi looking for a job before I got transferred to Dubai.

I was very fortunate as I was hired in the biggest sports brand company, NIKE, while working there, my interest grew in sneakers, especially basketball shoe.

I can say that I am blessed because I was able to represent the Jordan brand and work for it even tough I did not manage to be the best basketball player in my country and I can't wait to start a new Journey and make history with youbetterfly, a concept that will change streetwear, sneakers and streetball culture in the region. 

14 years back then, 14 years old today
The difference between a 14 years old kid in the 90s and a 14 years old kid today (2018)...
youbettefly store now open
We the new culture, as we strive to build a genuine culture in this region we came up with this concept as a first step to achieve a vision that will serve the sneakerhead, basketball and streetwear community in the MEA.
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