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This t-shirt was found here in Dubai in none other than brands for less. The first thought when it was discovered was its fake. However, for the sheer surprise and to not miss out on the ‘just in case’ it was purchased...as the tag looked pretty authentic. On getting it home the water mark (back of the label that when it’s held up to the light/in the correct way, you can see supreme etched into it) was checked and it looked legit so It was put it on the UK supreme Facebook page and to my surprise it was called out as legit, a few guys in the states had also come across these plain supreme sample tees. So after some more investigating the fateful question ‘how did it happen to end up in brands for less’ ?...was answered. Brands for less buy a lot of American stock. One of the brands they had recently acquired things from (at the time) was American Apparel. Before supreme had their t’s made by Gildan ...American apparel made them. So putting two and two together this DS supreme sample was thrown in with the other stock that came from the AA factory or warehouse. It’s thought to be around 4-5 years old and Is the only time you will likely ever hear of a supreme tee sold in a retail store in Dubai (that’s not consignment or colab :) and it’s an item that was never meant for retail anyway !!

Written by: Ali Marsh 

Tags: supreme
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