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I collect for the story and experience of getting an item. Every item in my collection has a story with many questions to ask:

Why did i get it? How did i get it? What if i didn't get it? Where to keep it? When to wear it? Does it go with any outfit? etc.. For me that's all about it, I like to tell the story and relive the moment where i had to camp out for a release (i did that more than 10 times).

I remember once camping out with my wife after party, 13 hours! She had to sleep in the car and i had to wake up every one hour for the roll call, from 12:00 am till 12:00 pm, I entered the store, i got the black cements and dame x Bape basketball, I ended up trading the latest to get the Top 3 since i couldn't rock them off. 

I believe in the hustle of getting the item, walking the walk, meeting new people and listening to their stories while in a queue that looks like will never end. I try to do that in every city i visit, and everytime i do that i explore something new about the culture. 

I grew up playing handball in my school then in my college varsity team, I rocked the handball top for every game over 5 years, I was a wing, I was fast, very fast. I got rid of them later on because the sole melted,, another regret (check the beginning article). Recently Adidas collaborated with oyster holdings for a special release the handball top! with 2 amazing colorways. Since the items were released online and in many retail stores I didn't have to queue up for the release but i couldn't miss out on them, I don't know if i will ever wear them or play handball again but now I can look back at the shoes and relive my games and the highlights of team i played for. 

Feb 2018, for the all star weekend, Drake released what could be his last collaboration with Jumpman :(, apparently he's moving to Adidas. I had to be there and cop them! Drake and Jordan on the famous Jordan 8 Silhouette (Link)!!  I woke up at 6:00 am that day and headed to Dubai Mall for the release, surprisingly i was third in line, I expected to see more people but apparently the resell is as much as retail price, so here you go!! People started coming in. I wanted both the shoes and the apparel, it was sick, i mean how could you miss on the apparel as well (Drake was rocking them in his music video embedded at the end of this article). I ended up being responsible of the queue and writing the names down to organize it, we waited for 3 hours and I got the shoes, the pants and the fire jacket! I kept the paper for the experience (pictured below) and every time i wear the jacket, I Look Alive! 

Lately, I have been trying to go out of my way or style to try few things  given the easy access these days, social media and so.. but i admit it's not fun, I mean i like the Balenciaga speed trainer, i have it.. but what's the story behind it? Nothing, it's nice it's comfortable, it's Balenciaga! and that's what people fall into these days, the hype, the brand, not the story, not the experience. 

Join the community and tell us your stories, everyone is welcome here. 

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