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Youbetterfly Talks

Youbetterfly Talks

Youbetterfly gives his reviews about the latest releases, trends and everything related to sneakers and street-wear, we invite you all to be part of this portal!

Youbetterfly March 18, 2020

Pricing at youbetterfly

Very often we get questions about the pricing we give to the products we sell, so we thought it is best to explain our pricing model for a clearer understanding to our customers and to ensure full transparency. ...
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Youbetterfly January 10, 2019

A story on consignment

Almost 10 months in and we are still working to perfect the trade, which is why we made amendments that would protect and benefit both our consignors and customers. Further to this, we would like to share a few learnings with you ; our community, to enhance and better our trade for the benefit of th...
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Youbetterfly November 20, 2018

Nostalgia Hunter

My fascination ( I call it a fascination as I still get that same buzz and weird intrigue today) started when I was about 10....Written by: Ali Marsh ...
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